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Sarah Delobel

Intuitive writing workshop facilitator, podcast founder, and aspiring coach 

Sarah leads intuitive writing workshops, for women, around selflove, self-confidence, and reconnecting with yourself through introspective exercises. This allows to spend a moment alone with ourselves, to create a sacred space in which women can express themselves in total freedom, in all benevolence and therefore without fear of feeling judgment. 

She recently launched her podcast C'EST LA VIE, which is a podcast allowing listeners to receive tracks of reflection - a feel good podcast, where she shares her universe dedicated to personal development, to spirituality and where Sarah sometimes exchanges with friends - she also speak to you with open heart about her personal life. 

And then, Sarah is a coach in the making where she accompanies women to regain confidence in themselves and in their full power. She helps them to regain their full potential, to become aware and strengthen their values & to make them more autonomous in their daily lives. 

In life, Sarah explores a lot of activities that make her feel good every day. 
Whether it is through painting, dancing, walks in nature, but also solo trips & surrounded by chicks. She loves life, and enjoying its pleasures. Sarah has a gift to put fun in her days.  

Sarah Delobel
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